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PLEASE NOTE: Pets are not allowed at the festival.

Parking & Traffic

Please refer to the map below for which roads are open and closed during festival hours. Open roads are shown in green, closed roads are shown in red.

There are 3 paid parking lots available at the festival with $5.00 parking, These are shown on the map below.


The School Lot and Depot Lot can be accessed by taking Route 12 to Pritchard Rd or Route 365 to Prospect Rd, as shown below. These lots are a short and convenient walk from the festival. Paved parking is available at the School Lot.

The Shufelt's Lot can be accessed from Route 12. Shuttle buses are available between this lot and the festival. PLEASE NOTE: Left turns onto Route 12 will not be allowed when exiting this lot. Southbound traffic will be directed down Steuben St and right on Main St, to then turn left on Route 12 where it intersects South Main St.

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2023 Schedule of Events

Saturday, September 23
Sunday, September 24
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